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About Us
Haşema which was established by a group of university students in the early 1980s in order to meet their needs started to act as a company in 1989.

The firm which only produced shorts until 1992, caused the concept of ‘’altenative bathing suit’’ to start with the inclusion of women and children wear  in the collection.

Haşema which was in close chase of the local and foreign press was of a great interest abroad and thus became an important brandmark of Turkey all over the world as ‘’alternative bathing suit’’.

It became a brand addressing to everybody with the continuosly developing collection since the ‘’alternative bathingsuit’’ concept was invented.Haşema wasn’t limited to producing  alternative bathing suit but also produced’’ Heşofman ‘’which is a sauna tracksuit that has a quality of slimming and in addition produced tracksuits with scarves women can use everywhere. This is an innovation under the name of ‘’alternative sports wear’’.Haşema also developed  different models of bathing suit for women and offered these to customers  as ‘’Pool models’’and was appreciated.

The long men shorts which Haşema started producing years ago was produced by many other firms and became a trend all over the world and thus
‘’Haşema was in, slip was out’’.

Haşema was spread fast to the world by exporting its pruducts and introducing  its brand from Asia to Europe enlarging its market ratio since it was established.

In addition to its bathing suit and tracksuit production its specially designed scarf and bonnet s are appreciated by the customers because of their designs and functions.

Haşema is sensitive about fashion and trend and it  visits the fairs abroad and in Turkey with the design department.It uses the trends in its collections and prepares two collections a year one in summer called ‘’Alternative Bthing Suit’and one in winter called ‘’Alternative Sportswear’’.

Haşema is the first brand in Turkey and in the world which invented the ‘’Alternative Bthingsuit’ concept.It also produced the first bathing suit which provides tanning by penetrating sunlight.Our brand which is newsworthy is an important invention and it took place in various newspapers in Turkey and abroad many times.
We know that we are;
Just at the starting point of a long marathon…..