We advise you to pay attention to these issues in order to use your product with first day quality:

  • Rince your swimsuit with fresh water or a mild soap solution after each use.
  •  Do not apply any kind of cosmetic cream on your swimsuit. Rinse is out in such cases.
  • Do not iron or dry-clean your swimsuit.
  • Do not store your swimsuit when it’s wet. Line dry your swimsuit without wringing.
  • Do not store your swimsuit in a fully closed plastic bag.
  • There may be some pilings or deformations in your swimsuit due to friction caused by sliding or such activities in aqua parks. You should consider that such damages may occur in those activities.
  • Your swimsuit can have some damage due to intense contact with sand and it’s flexible fabric structure may collect some sand. You should wash-off the sand after use.
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